Relogix™ Availability

Supported source architectures

Relogix is currently available for migrating the following assembly-language source files to C:

  • Relogix/68K translates 680x0, CPU32 and ColdFire assembler source, written for the Motorola, Microtec (Mentor), Diab and Gnu assemblers (and most others with a small amount of preliminary work).
  • Relogix/86 translates 80x86-family assembler source (flat 32-bit mode only), written for the Microsoft MASM, Borland TASM and Gnu assemblers.
  • Relogix/MF translates IBM mainframe assembler source (BAL and HLASM) to C.
  • Relogix/51 translates 8051-family assembler.
  • Relogix/PIC translates PIC-family assembler (PIC14, PIC16, PIC18).
  • Relogix/6502 translates 6502-family assembler.

Check with us if you need to port assembly-language code from a different architecture or assembler syntax. For more information on other processors, including an example, see here.

Relogix is available both as a standalone tool, and as a cost-effective porting service. Note: Relogix/MF, Relogix/51, Relogix/PIC and Relogix/6502 are currently available as a porting service only. MicroAPL also offers consultancy services based on the Relogix technology. See the Relogix Pricing and Ordering page for details.

Host systems

The Relogix translation tool is available to run on the following hosts:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • x86 Linux

Interoperability with other MicroAPL tools

Relogix can be used in conjunction with PortAsm for translating legacy code partly to assembler and partly to C.