Relogix™ Pricing & Ordering

Migrating Assembler to C using Relogix

You can benefit from MicroAPL's unique Relogix assembler-to-C translation technology in different ways, according to your requirements and the complexity of the translation project. As a first stage, we recommend that you assess the scope and cost of the translation project by taking advantage of the Relogix PortCheckTM service. At present this service is provided free of charge. Then you can either use MicroAPL's internet-based Relogix Translation Service, or for larger projects purchase one or more copies of the Relogix Translation Tool and do the translation in-house. You can also call upon MicroAPL's Relogix Consultancy Service for expert assistance with specific porting problems or with the whole project.

The Relogix PortCheckTM service - internet-based feasibility check

This works as follows:

  • Both parties sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This can either be MicroAPL's Standard NDA, or, subject to our approval, your own. If you prefer you can send us source code without first signing an NDA, in which case MicroAPL's Standard NDA will be deemed to apply.
  • You send us a copy of the assembly-language source code plus any relevant information describing how you would normally assemble it, any interfaces to external hardware of software, and any C header files which you may already have describing the data types and function prototypes associated with the code.
  • We then look at the code and quickly translate it using Relogix to assess the ease of translation and identify any special problems. We then send you a report with some samples from the translation, details of any problems we have found, and a quotation for conversion using the Relogix Translation Service. Assuming there are no special problems, the quotation will usually be in the range shown below.

The Relogix PortCheck service is currently provided free of charge (subject to status).

The Relogix Translation Service

This is an internet-based translation service. If you have not already done so, you first set up an NDA as described above, and then send us the source code. We will examine the code, e-mail you with any questions we have, and set up the Relogix translation project files. We will then run your code through Relogix. We will deal with any first-level translation issues and obvious error messages, and then use Relogix to re-translate the source in a series of iterative steps, adding 'Hints' and user-defined header-file entries as necessary. Finally we e-mail you back with the translated C source files plus a report identifying where we think further work may be needed. If you need any more help, this is of course available using our Relogix Consultancy Service.

We will issue you with a fixed-price quotation for this translation as part of the Relogix PortCheck service.

Prices quoted do not include writing or modifying code by hand, integration, or testing, and you should expect to have to do some further modification and cleaning-up of the translated code. There are no royalties payable on use of the translated code. Intellectual property rights in the translated code remain with the owner of the original code. Any special additional work, such as writing assembler glue by hand, will be charged at MicroAPL's standard daily rates (agreed in advance).

The Relogix Consultancy Service and Associates Program

By engaging MicroAPL on a consultancy basis, you can have direct access to some of the world's most experienced experts in software conversion and code translation. Services are charged per day or, subject to prior approval by MicroAPL, as a fixed-price project. We can work either at our offices in the UK or, for larger projects, at your site.

MicroAPL also has arrangements with skilled consultancy partners who may be able to provide you with locally-based assistance. Please contact us for details.

The Relogix Translation Tool

If you prefer to do the translation in-house, you can purchase a license to one or more copies of the Relogix tool, although this option is not currently available for some architectures. There are no royalties payable on distribution or use of the translated code. Please contact us for details.

Taxes and other charges

U.K. Value Added Tax may be applicable. Please contact MicroAPL for a firm quotation. Prices shown are payable to MicroAPL Ltd in the UK without deduction of any Withholding Tax or similar local levies which may apply in the jurisdiction in which you operate.