Relogix™ Success Stories

Relogix has been proven in commercial applications including complex systems involving many hundreds of thousands of lines of code. To protect our customers' confidentiality, we cannot go into too much detail, but here are just a few examples of how Relogix has been used:

Porting major suite of IBM mainframe assembler to C

On behalf of a US client, MicroAPL ported a major commercial application, comprising over 300,000 lines of mainframe assembler code plus thousands of macros, to C. Included in the application was a proprietary scripting language which generated mainframe opcodes, which MicroAPL rewrote to be architecture-neutral. The converted application runs on a 64-bit Linux platform.

Conversion of 8-bit assembler application to C

MicroAPL was engaged by a medium-sized US equipment manufacturer to convert an application (originally written in assembler for an 8-bit microcontroller) to C, and to port the code to new ARM-based hardware. The application was a hand-held testing device.

We have subsequently carried out similar projects for a number of other clients.

Financial Reporting System (IBM mainframe assembler)

This customer in the City of London had a legacy system written in IBM mainframe assembler and used to query a database of finance data. MicroAPL engineers converted it to high-quality C code running on multiple platforms including mainframe and Linux.

Medical application (80x86 assembler)

Relogix/86 has been used successfully by the US-based medical systems subsidiary of a well known multi-national corporation. The code drives an advanced piece of medical diagnostic equipment. It was originally written in 80x86 assembler and comprises hundreds of thousands of lines of code. The customer used Relogix/86 to translate the code to C, with help from MicroAPL engineers. The converted application passes a regression test with over 5 billion results.

Computer-controlled machinery (680x0 assembler)

This European customer had a complex embedded system originally written in a mixture of Motorola 680x0 assembler and C. Using Relogix/68K they converted it to run successfully on new hardware. MicroAPL subsequently helped to port parts of the application to run under Windows to form part of a new product.

Telecoms equipment (6502 assembler)

This project was carried out on behalf of one of the world's largest manufacturers of telecoms equipment, and involved converting 6502-based firmware to C so that it could be further developed and ported to a modern 32-bit processor.

Games software (680x0 assembler)

MicroAPL engineers converted a well-known PC simulation game from 68000 assembler to C for a UK-based Games company. The result was high-quality, maintainable C code.

File compression and decompression software (IBM mainframe assembler)

This company based in the USA had, as part of a larger mainframe system, an important section of code written in HLASM assembler. It was successfully converted to C by MicroAPL using Relogix/MF, enabling the customer to migrate the application to a new platform.

Specialised test equipment (PIC)

This project was carried out on behalf of a German engineering company. MicroAPL converted the PIC16 assembler code to C so that the customer could migrate the code to more powerful processor as a base for developing further functionality in C.

Robotics software (8051 assembler)

Relogix was used to convert this robot control application from 8051 assembler to C. The conversion work was carried out by MicroAPL using our Relogix/51 translator.