Relogix™ for other processors

Full commercial versions of Relogix are currently available to convert assembler code written for the following processors:

  • 680x0, CPU32 and ColdFire
  • 80x86-family processors (IA32)

In addition MicroAPL provides a code-migration service using versions of Relogix for the following processors:

  • IBM mainframes
  • 8051-family processors
  • PIC12/PIC16/PIC18-family processors
  • 65C02-family processors

What should you do if you are using a processor which is not the list above?

"My code is written for a Z80, 8086, 68HC08, 68HC11, AVR, COP8, ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, etc... Can I still convert my assembler code to C?"

In many cases we can still translate your assembler code to C on a fixed price consultancy basis. We use a variety of techniques including customizing an existing version of Relogix and/or using macros to make the instruction set look like a supported processor, with very successful results.

Find out more

To find out whether Relogix can be used to translate your code, you can either contact us directly with any questions or you can make use of our Relogix PortCheckTM Service.