MicroAPL Press Releases

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25th May 2004: Relogix now available to translate x86 assembly-language to C
Announces the general release of Relogix/86, for migrating x86 assembly-language source to C.
10th September 2003: Relogix makes automated re-coding of assembly language a reality
Announces the launch of Relogix, MicroAPL's innovative assembler-to-C translator.
29th November 2002: MacDX and PortAsm/86 assist developers porting Windows code to Macintosh
Announces the collaboration of MicroAPL Ltd. and Coderus Ltd. and the release of version 2.3.6 of PortAsm/86 for PowerPC.
26th September 1999: Motorola and MicroAPL announce new 68K to M·CORE porting tool
Announces the release of PortAsm/68K for M·CORE.
26th May 1999: MicroAPL releases enhanced porting solution from 683xx to Motorola's PowerPC Family
Announces version 4.0 of PortAsm/68K for PowerPC.
5th October 1998: MicroAPL and Motorola offer new 68K to ColdFire microprocessor migration solution
Announces the availability of CF68KLib for ColdFire, made available under a special agreement between MicroAPL and Motorola.
3rd November 1997: MicroAPL and Motorola offer assembler translation tool for ColdFire
Announces the availability of PortAsm/68K for ColdFire, made available under a special agreement between MicroAPL and Motorola.
18th April 1996: Upgraded Porting Tools Ease Transition to PowerPC
Announces a major upgrade to PortAsm/68K, PortAsm/86, and Mimic/68K.
1st August 1994: New translation tool eases porting to Power Macintosh
Details the Version 1.2 upgrade to PortAsm for Macintosh.
5th January 1994: MicroAPL Announces 68K Assembler Porting Tool for Macintosh with PowerPC
This was the first public announcement of PortAsm for Macintosh, issued in conjunction with Apple Computer and Word Perfect Corporation.