MicroAPL Company Profile

MicroAPL Ltd is based in the UK, and was established in 1979. Originally specializing in the APL language, in the 1980s and 1990s the company was responsible for many technical innovations, including APL interpreters, development of one of the world's first multi-user microcomputers, pioneering network implementations, and advanced multi-processor microcomputers.

Since the early nineties we have become best known in the code-migration market for our RelogixTM Assembler-to-C translator, Mimic/68KTM virtual machine, and other innovative Porting Tools and Services and Software Consultancy, specializing in porting mission-critical software from one architecture to another. Our consultancy services and porting tools are used by many well-known names in the US, Europe and the Far East.

MicroAPL is a privately-held company.

MicroAPL Ltd is a Private Limited Company registered in England No.01415598
Registered office: Claytons Farm House, Newick Lane, Mayfield, E. Sussex TN20 6RE, UK
VAT Number: 451021741