PortAsm™ Support Service

Porting major pieces of software to a new architecture is an important undertaking, and we recognize that it needs industrial-strength technical support. The PortAsm Support Service contract entitles you to:

  • Free upgrades to PortAsm, as we release bug fixes, performance improvements and other enhancements.
  • Direct access by e-mail to the PortAsm developers.
  • Priority technical support and answers to specific porting problems, by e-mail or fax. We aim to answer your queries within 24 hours. If you are based in the U.S., queries sent to us in the afternoon will normally be answered or fixed by the following morning your time.
  • Correction or advice on a work-around if PortAsm incorrectly handles translation of a part of your application. If necessary, we will fix problems or add new features to PortAsm to solve your problem, and e-mail the fix to you.

For PortAsm/68K for ColdFire and PortAsm/68K for M·CORE, the PortAsm Support Contract is available on an annual basis at US$995 per year.

For other versions of PortAsm, you are automatically entitled to a free 90-day PortAsm Support Contract on purchase of a PortAsm license. After that period, a year's support contract costs 15% of the corresponding PortAsm license fee. Full details are provided in your PortAsm package.

Fees for the support service are payable annually in advance. Just fax (+44 1825 749472) or e-mail your purchase order to MicroAPL and we will confirm your PortAsm Support Contract Number within 24 hours, giving you immediate access to the service. You can pay by PayPal, or alternatively for any publicly-quoted company, research establishment, or government department, we will accept an official purchase order and invoice your accordingly. Prices exclude VAT, which is payable by UK customers, and by customers in the European Union unless you provide us with your VAT registration number.