MicroAPL Porting Tools - Downloads

The following links will take you to web pages from which you can download samples, documentation, and demo or full versions of MicroAPL translation products:

RelogixTM: Assembler to C Conversion

Sample translations Sample assembly-language source files and the Relogix automatic translations

Documentation Relogix white papers and user manuals

Mimic/68KTM: Run 68K Object Code unchanged on modern architectures

Mimic/68K User Manual Full documentation on using and interfacing to Mimic/68K

PortAsmTM documentation and demonstration versions:

PortAsm/68K for POWER Architecture 680x0 to POWER Architecture translator

PortAsm/68K for 80x86 680x0 to x86 translator

PortAsm/86 for POWER Architecture x86 to POWER Architecture translator

PortAsm/68K for ARM User Manual