Mimic/68K Pricing & Ordering

Development Phase

The standard Mimic/68K Development Kit comprises:

  • Available as standard for x86, x86-64, ARM, and POWER/PowerPC architectures (others on request)
  • Object code for the Mimic/68K 680x0 instruction emulator itself, ready for linking to your own front-end code or our supplied C front-end, for one of the supported architectures
  • Source code to a C front-end, loader and debugger, which you can tailor to your environment or adapt for bare-board operation.
  • Executable version of Mimic/68K for Linux, and (for the x86 version) Windows.
  • Sample 680x0 programs for demonstration and test purposes.
  • Full documentation
  • Five deployment (object code) licenses
  • 90-day Mimic/68K Support Contract by E-Mail.

Prices shown exclude Value Added Tax which may be payable- please call for details.

Mimic/68K Development Kit

US $5750

Deployment Phase

Once the necessary development to implement Mimic/68K in your target environment is complete, you can purchase Mimic/68K object code licenses either on a per-copy basis, or as part of a license to incorporate the code in your applications for an unlimited number of copies. Deployment Licenses are charged at a rate which depends on the cumulative number of copies purchased to date. Unlimited distribution and source-code licenses are also available.

Mimic/68K Support Contract

The Mimic/68K Support Contact entitles you to

  • Free upgrades to Mimic/68K as we release bug fixes, performance improvements, and other enhancements
  • Technical support by E-Mail

Prices shown are valid outside the European Union. Inside the European Union, Value Added Tax may be applicable. Please contact MicroAPL for current European pricing.