Download CFInit Freescale Semiconductor's ColdFire site

Please note that CFInit is an older tool which is no longer supported. See here for our current range.

CFInit is an easy-to-use graphical tool which lets you choose how a ColdFire® embedded processor and its modules should be initialized and then generates the appropriate start up code automatically. See the main CFInit page to find out more.

CFInit Application

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Runs under Windows. The downloaded application takes the form of an installer which you run to install CFInit.

Download the CFInit version 2.11.2 installer ( (4 MB)

Freescale Semiconductor Processor Manuals

CFInit includes close links with Freescale Semiconductor's ColdFire User Manuals. For example you can call up the appropriate manual page when configuring any of the ColdFire modules. You can download the manual(s) you need here if you don't have them already. (The first time you attempt to access a manual from within CFInit it will ask you where the manual is located on your machine).

Some browsers include a viewer to display Adobe Acrobat files -- In this case, clicking on one of the manual links below will automatically show the manual within your browser without saving a copy on your machine. To save a copy of the manual on your machine, right-click on the appropriate link, then choose "Save Target As..."

MCF5206e User Manual
MCF5208 User Manual
MCF5213 User Manual
MCF5216 User Manual
MCF5222x User Manual
MCF5223x User Manual
MCF523x User Manual
MCF5249 User Manual
MCF5271 User Manual
MCF5272 User Manual
MCF5274, MCF5274L, MCF5275, MCF5275L User Manual
MCF5280 / MCF5282 User Manual
MCF5307 User Manual
MCF5329 User Manual
MCF5373 User Manual
MCF5407 User Manual
MCF547x User Manual
MCF548x User Manual